Rotative screener

Rotative screener

Rotative screener
Operation and characteristics of the Rotative screener:

The Rotative Screener consists of a grid of sieving rotating inside a cylindrical chamber.
In the Rotary Screener, the sieved product falls centrally on the screen and is centrifuged to the outside. In this way, the finer part is separated from the coarser part of the product flowing on the screener. The efficiency of the screener is ensured by the shape of the steps of the screening grid.

Areas of use:

After pelleting and Cooling line
After the extrusion and drying line
Before the hammer mill
Before baging line
In the bulk cargo line


High capacity
Low power consumption
Absence of vibrations
Small footprint
Low costs of maintenance
No pellet damage
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Rotative screener SRT - 2000  
Capacity pellets Ton/h (diam. 3,5 mm) 20
Capacity crumbled Ton/h 18
Sifting surface 2,9 m² 31,21 ft²
Motors power kW 2,2
RPM RPM (50 Hz) 200
Rotative screener weight (including motors) 993 kg/td> 2189,2 lb