Ribbon mixer

Ribbon mixer
Description of the Ribbon mixer:

Mixing performed via two mixing ribbons mounted on a common shaft working in apposing directions.

- Horizontal, single shaft, twin ribbon mixer
- Shaft: on heavy duty self aligning roller bearings
- Double ribbon type: on central axe with counterflow mixing action
- Construction steel: mild steel (frame thickness 4 mm, front flanges thickness 6 mm
- Discharge system: full width operated by pneumatic piston (large trough shaped discharge slide valve electropneumatically operated)
- Three cover plates for access and for the addition of additives
- Collection hopper
- Screw conveyor below collection hopper
- Pipe for air recycling
- Residue left in mixer after discharge less than 0.1%
- Mixing time 3-4 minutes
- Painted with epoxidic colour
- Driven by geared motor.






Model Capacity m³ Motor HP Capacity Kg
MI-120 1.20 10 1000  
MI-240 2.40 20 2100  
MI-300 3.00 25 2400  
MI-400 4.00 30 3100  
MI-600 6.00 50 5100